The Dine in Menu

Welcome to our great dine in menu as we have selected the best dishes to create a fabulous array of dishes. All of our dishes are unique and crafted with great care. 

Please Note: Some of our dishes contain nuts, gluten, dairy, and other possible food allergens. Please consult a member of staff if you have any intolerances to any food items before ordering


Starters are served with fresh mixed salad and mint sauce.

Onion Bhajee* £4.25

Vegetable Pakora* £4.25

Somosa* £4.25


Chicken Tikka £5.50

Lamb Tikka £5.95

Sheek Kebab £5.50

Shamee Kebab £5.85

Tandoori Chicken £5.50

Nargis Kebab £5.95

Chicken Pakora £5.95

Chicken Tikka Puree £5.95

Stuffed Pepper* £5.95


Prawn on Puree £5.95

King Prawn Butterfly £5.95

Deep fried in breadcrumbs

Tandoori Fish £6.95

King Prawn on Puree £6.95

Indian Lounge
Special Starters

Tandoori Mix Kebab £6.95

Mixture of lamb tikka, chicken tikka, sheek kabab.

Spice Aubergine £6.95

Aubergine deep fried in butter, stuffed with mince lamb/chicken.

Paratha Roll £6.95

Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh herbs and spices wrapped in a paratha bread.

Mussel-ke-Chat £6.95

Mussel cooked with onions, garlic & fresh coriander in a mild/spicy sauce.

Magic Mushrooms £6.95

Spicy mushroom deep fried in butter, stuffed with chicken or vegetable*.

Malai Tikka £6.95

Tender pieces of chicken marinated in specially prepared garlic & ginger cream sauce, roasted in tandoori. Sprinkled with cheese.

Mango Tikka £6.95

Strips of chicken marinated & cooked in spicy mango sauce with touch of lemon.

Coriander Salmon Fish £7.95

Fillet of salmon cooked in olive oil garnished with garlic black pepper and fresh coriander.

Starter Nawab £8.50

Mixed of vegetable somosa, sheek kabab, tandoori tikka tandoori king prawn served with sylheti style salad.


Chicken Chili £6.95

Battered fried chicken tossed with bell peppers, chili and soya sauce with green pepper and red pepper

Haryali Paneer Tikka £6.95

Spicy preparation of cottage cheese cooked over the grill with fresh mint and coriander

Special Lamb Sheek Kebab £6.95

Mutton minced cooked slowly in the tandoor with red and green pepper with red onion

Fish Amartsari £7.50

Cubes of tilapia fish marinated with Indian spices, gram flour and asafoetida seeds, deep fried

Luft-E-Dariya (Prawn) £7.95

Tiger prawns marinated in saffron, caraway seeds and fresh coriander

Prawn & Aubergine Kharphatla £7.95

A warm medley of jumbo prawns and aubergine, finished off with caramelised onions, tomato & pickle masala.


Satay Gai £6.95

Marinated skewered chicken satay served with sweet chilli sauce.

Goong Hompar £6.95

Marinated prawn in crispy rice pastry served with sweet chilli sauce.

Sesame Prawns on Toast £6.95

Prawn mousse on toast, dusted with sesame seeds.

Ped Sa Wan £6.95

Thai style roast duck wrapped in rice pancake, served with cucumber, spring onion, carrots and duck sauce.

Thai Mix Starter £7.95

Contains the above starters


Marinated in yogurt with delicate herbs and spices and cooked in a clay oven over
a charcoal fire served with salad.

Tandoori Chicken £11.95

Half chicken marinated in spices grilled and barbecued

Chicken Tikka £11.95

Lamb Tikka £11.95

Chicken Shashlick £13.95

Cooked on charcoal clay oven with roasted tomatoes onion, green peppers

Tandoori Fish £14.95

Fish marinated in mixed tandoori spices, hint of lemon, baby vegetables tantalisingly fried with capsicum and cooked slowly in tandoori and coriander in a spicy dry sauce

Tandoori King Prawn £16.95

Tandoori King Prawn Shashlick £16.95

Tandoori Mixed Grill £16.95

A combination of specialities served with nan bread


Tikka Massala (chicken tikka or lamb tikka) £11.95

Cooked in a rich creamy massala sauce made with a delicate blend of aromatic spices & herbs with almond powder and coconut powder.

Bhuna korahi (chicken tikka or lamb tikka) £11.95

Cooked with garlic, tomatoes, green peppers, herbs & spices.

Sylheti Naga (chicken or lamb) £11.95

Cooked with Mr. naga pickles very hot with herbs and spices.

Passanda (chicken or lamb) £11.95

Cooked with fresh cream, prepared in an enriched sauce, garnished with almond.

Butter Chicken (chicken or lamb) £11.95

Tandoori chicken off the bone in a rich butter, cream & exotic sauce.

Roshoni (chicken or lamb) £11.95

Cooked in a clay oven mixed with medium spices & sliced garlic.

Jalfrezi (chicken or lamb) £11.95

Tender pieces of chicken, lamb or meat cooked with onion, capsicum and sliced chillies in medium hot spicy sauce.

Begun Bahar (chicken or lamb) £11.95

Exquisite succulent pieces of chicken, cooked with garlic, ginger, onion, coriander, fresh aubergine and tomatoes.

Shahi Shasni (chicken or lamb) £11.95

Chicken in a delicate sweet and sour sauce with a touch of herbs and spices.

South Indian Garlic Chilli (chicken or lamb) £11.95

Cooked with onions, green peppers, fresh garlic and chilli to create a tantalising unique dish.

Chilli Baharee (chicken or lamb) £11.95

Cooked with green herb tandoori spices, green chillies & jeera, a medium hot dish.

Zaluti Loharii (chicken or lamb) £11.95

Cooked in cast iron wok with garlic tomatoes, spring onions, green peppers, herbs & spices.

Jinga Stir Fry £14.95

Chef’s favourite, grilled king prawn served with delicately spiced stir fried of tomatoes and green herbs.

Jinga Rosun Mirchi £14.95

Slightly hot king prawns with garlic and green chillies in a thick sauce.


Barbequed cubes of Chicken in finely chopped fresh ginger, garlic, mushrooms and a touch of Indian Lounge Special freshly made barha masala and coriander, finished in a rich gravy of myriad spices that provide a host of subtle flavours comes direct to your table hot and sizzling.

Tawa Vegetables £9.95

Tawa Chicken £11.95

Tawa Lamb £12.95

Tawa King Prawn £15.50

Tawa Special Mix £15.85


Exclusive to Indian Lounge All these special dishes served with rice.
(* for lamb add extra £2.00)

Scallop Rongeela £16.95

Scallop marinated with pickle masala and caramelised garlic and zest of tropical lime served with baby potato

Indian Lounge Special Bhuna £16.95

A whole piece of breast of chicken filled with tandoori minced lamb, with prawns tandoori king prawns, lamb tikka, extensively prepared in ‘rich sauce with selected herbs & spices to create our own special recipe.

Seabass Supreme £16.95

Aubergine & Potato cooked in a medium/slightly hot sauce with pan fried fillet of sea bass on top

Supreme (Chicken or Lamb)* £16.95

Fillet of chicken/ Iamb cooked in a spicy hot sauce with onions peppers tamarind fresh garlic, coriander and green chillies.

Kodu (Chicken/Lamb/Prawn)* £16.95

Sweet pumpkin cooked with Chicken/Lamb/prawn in chefs special mild/medium sauce.

Jaipur (Chicken or Lamb)* £16.95

A speciality of Jaipur semi dry dish prepared from tender pieces of barbecued chicken cooked with fresh onions green peppers mushrooms, fresh herbs &spices.

Bhiart Murgi £16.95

Long strips of chicken pieces marinated in herbs and spices with pepper and vinegar, stir fried and cooked with honey based brown sauce garnished with spring onion creating an extraordinary play of aromas.

Bengal Murgi Pathila £16.95

Thin slices of boneless chicken breast cooked with pineapple, tomatoes ginger, green chilli, red pepper and fresh coriander.

Tandoori Murgi Keema £16.95

Tandoori chicken cooked in clay oven, peeled off the bone & cooked with minced lamb & hard boiled egg. A medium hot dish.

Tandoori Chicken Massala £16.95

Tandoori chicken cooked in clay oven, cooked in a mild sauce enriched with chefs selected spices and herbs.

Chutney Ni Murgi Shashlick £16.95

Barbecued chicken off the bone garnished with roasted tomatoes onions & green peppers spiced with a variety of herbs & cooked with a touch of massala sauce.

Kathmandu ko Kukhura £16.95

Batter fried chicken simmered in a Himalayan sauce and cooked with diced peppers fresh garlic, green chillies, onion and tomato cubes. Rich in taste and rich in tradition.

Tandoori Zinga Shahi Massala £17.95

Tandoori king prawns barbequed in a tandoori clay oven and marinated in a enriched massala sauce

Monk ki khazana (fish) £17.95

Monkfish cooked with onions and spices in massala sauce

Jhinga Mandaraj £17.95

Tandoori baked king size prawns with spices, with a variety of herbs. garnished with tomato green peppers & fresh coriander.


(* for lamb add extra £2.00)

Palak (Chicken or Lamb)* £11.95

Tender lamb or Chicken simmered with onions and exotic spices, tossed with fresh garlic and spinach.

Chicken Sagwalla (Chicken or Lamb)* £11.95

Chicken cooked with light spices and fresh spinach.

Chicken or Lamb Ki Haandi* £11.95

Medium spiced chicken preparation cooked with bell peppers & onions.

Methi (Chicken or Lamb)* £11.95

A rich preparation of lamb or chicken cooked with methi leaves – a must try dish.

Rogne – E – Nishaat £13.95

A traditional hot curry of lamb cooked in hot spices, onions and tomatoes.

Malabar Chicken Curry £11.95

Free-range chicken breast cubes tempered with mustard seeds, whole crushed spices, sliced onions, ginger, garlic, curry leaves, tomatoes and finished with tamarind and coconut milk.

Adraki £11.95

Ginger flavoured chicken or lamb curry.

Pahari Chicken £11.95

A robust dish from the mountainous area, made with freshly pounded herbs and black pepper.

Pahari Lamb £13.95

A robust dish from the mountainous area, made with freshly pounded herbs and black pepper.

Rara (Chicken or Lamb)* £11.95

An awesome preparation of mutton or chicken cubes with minced meat cooked together with a hint of lemon.

Goan Fish Curry £13.95

Tilapia fish with Roasted peanut and coriander roots, onion and fresh tomatoes and tamarind sauce.


All Balti dishes are cooked with garam massala, capsicum, fresh green chillies and herbs, stir fried with garlic, served from a sizzling dish, garnished with coriander giving you a rich flavour

Vegetable Balti £8.95

Chicken Balti £9.95

Lamb Balti £11.95

Chicken Tikka Balti £11.95

Lamb Tikka Balti £13.95

Prawn Balti £11.95

Tandoori Chicken Balti £12.95

King Prawn Balti £14.95

Add any available vegetable to any Balti (+85p each)

Aloo/ Cauliflower/ Chana/ Chilli/ Dhal/ Mushroom/
Mixed veg/ Peas or Spinach


All Balti dishes are cooked with garam massala, capsicum, fresh green chillies and herbs, stir fried with garlic, served from a sizzling dish, garnished with coriander giving you a rich flavour

Chicken Tikka Bhuna Balti £11.95

Lamb Tikka Bhuna Balti £13.95

Garlic Chicken Tikka Balti £12.50

Garlic Lamb Tikka Balti £13.95

Chicken Chilli Balti £11.95

Lamb Chilli Balti £13.95

Indian Lounge Special Balti (mixed) £13.95

Tandoori Special Balti £14.95

Chicken tikka, Lamb tikka, Tandoori King Prawn.


Our selection of `old time’ favourites the dishes are recognised by everyone and have been enjoyed by generations of Indian food lovers, your choice of dishes can be prepared by any one of the following or create your own dish to suit your individual taste.


Medium hot, cooked with herbs & spices.


Cooked with herbs & thick sauce, slightly spiced.


Lentils, pineapple with spices & herbs.


Diced onions, capsicum cooked in thick spicy sauce.


Cooked in a sweet & sour sauce, slightly hot.


Very mild cooked with coconut cream.


Hot and spicy with lemon juice & garlic.


Mild & fruit, specially cooked.

Rogan Josh

Medium hot cooked with tomatoes herbs & spices.


Very hot & spicy, cooked with potato.

Chicken £9.95

Chicken Tikka £11.95

Lamb £12.50

Lamb Tikka £13.95

King Prawn £14.95

Prawn £11.95

Vegetable £8.95


Biryani originated from the kitchens of royal ancient Persia. The meat is mixed with Basmati pilau rice together with saffron and lightly spiced. Served with a dish of mixed vegetable curry to strength of ones individual taste. Individual Biryani can be created upon request.

Vegetable Biryani £9.95

Chicken Biryani £11.95

Lamb Biryani £12.95

Prawn Biryani £12.50

Persian Chicken Biryani £13.50

Chicken Tikka Biryani £12.95

Lamb Tikka Biryani £13.95

Tandoori Chicken Biryani £12.95

Indian Lounge Special Biryani £13.95

King Prawn Biryani £14.95


Served with chips & salad

Chicken Omelette £8.95

Prawn Omelette £8.95

Mushroom Omelette £8.95


Can be served as a side dish or a main dish

Side £4.50 – Main £7.95

Shobzi Bhajee (Vegetables) 

Mushroom Bhajee

Bhindi Bhajee (Ladies finger) 

Cauliflower Bhajee 

Saag Bhajee Spinach 

Saag Aloo (Spinach & Potato)

Saag Paneer (Spinach & Cheese)

Chana Massala (Spiced chick peas)

Mator Paneer (Peas & Cheese) 

Aloo Gobi (Potato & cauliflower)

Bombay Aloo (Spicy Potatoes)

Begun Bhajee (Aubergines)

Tarka Dhal (Lentils)


Plain Boiled £3.50

Pilau Rice £3.95

Fried Rice £4.50

Keema Pilau Rice £4.95

Vegetable Pilau Rice £4.95

Peas Pilau Rice £4.95

Egg Fried Rice £4.95

Mushroom Rice £4.95

Garlic Fried Rice £4.95

Special Fried Rice £5.95


Naan £2.95

Keema Nan £3.95

Garlic Nan £3.95

Peshwari Nan £3.95

Cheese Nan £3.95

Cheese Chilli Nan £4.50

Onion Nan £3.95

Tikka Nan £4.25

Coriander Nan £3.95

Paratha (Plain/Stuffed Nan) £4.50

Chapatti £1.85

Puri £1.85

Tandoori Roti £3.25


Papadom 95p

Massala Papadom 95p

Chips £2.95

Raitha (Plain, tomato or cucumber) £1.50

Chutneys & Pickles (Per Person) 60p


Add Extras to any Dish

Any Vegetable £0.85p

Aloo/ Cauliflower/ Chana/ Chilli/ Dhal/ Mushroom/
Mixed veg/ Peas or Spinach

Chicken Tikka £2.50

Chicken £2.00

Lamb Tikka £3.00

Lamb £2.50

King Prawn £4.00

Prawn £2.50